Promoting the Traditional Latin Mass
as sanctioned by Summorum Pontificum

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The Most Beautiful Thing This Side of Heaven (Instructional Film)

Tradition (Solemn High Mass with Gregorian Chant)

Pilgrimage (A Rediscovery of Catholic Tradition)

The Most Beautiful Thing This Side of Heaven Now on DVD

The primary aim of this 52-minute color film is to assist priests to learn or re-learn the intricacies of the Traditional Latin Mass. However, its appeal extends far beyond this.

“There cannot be a layman who would not  be inspired by it, learn from it, and have his faith and devotion to tradition deepened by it.

“The video was made by a professional camera crew, ...filmed in a parish church in Dublin. The commentary by Kieron Wood, formerly religious correspondent for RTE, is masterly. While explaining the rubrics of the Mass in the clearest possible manner, his commentary manages not to intrude upon the unfolding of the majesty and mystery of the traditional rite.” Michael Davies

The price of $35.00 for each DVD includes shipping and handling. Each DVD is shipped with a FREE BOOKLET containing the complete text of the narration, and a copy of the Latin-English Booklet Missal.

TRADITION  -  Solemn High Mass with Gregorian Chant

The glory of the Latin Mass captured on film.  Solemn High Mass as offered by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter.  Deeply devotional 1-hour DVD, professionally filmed in color, exceptional sound quality.

This magnificent film was professionally produced by Emmy Award winning writer/producer Jack Cashill and his partner in Video Post Productions, Mike Wunsch. They oversaw a four-camera shoot and 12-track sound recording in the historic Church of Saint Mary/Saint Anthony in Kansas City, Kansas. The Mass is the Votive Mass of Our Lady, Salve sancta parens.

DVD $25.00; includes FREE 68-page Latin-English Booklet Missal.

PILGRIMAGE  -  A Rediscovery of Catholic Tradition

Join in the sights, sounds, excitement, joy, laughter, and solemnity of the 4-day pilgrimage to Rome, October 1998 in celebration of the 10th anniversary of both the Motu Proprio Ecclesia Dei, and the founding of the Priestly Fraternity of  Saint Peter. This 90-minute film features Pope John Paul II and  Cardinals  Ratzinger, Mayer, and Stickler.

Pilgrimage allows you to journey with the pilgrims, sharing the joy and hope of that occasion through the masterful compilation of live footage of the events in Rome. Have your heart uplifted by the solemn joy of this pilgrimage, through the sacrifice of the Mass, the exquisite music, the sights of Rome, and the educational interviews and quotes from the conference presided over by then-Cardinal Josef Ratzinger.

Watching this film cannot help but increase your hope for the Traditional Mass in the future. It will also allow you to experience even greater joy as you realize how that hope is flourishing and bears great fruit through Pope Benedict's Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum.

DVD $30.00; includes FREE booklets Summorum Pontificumand Ecclesia Dei 10th Anniversary.

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