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Updated FLYER explains Apostolic Letter Ecclesia Dei and how to request the Traditional Latin Mass; there are 200 Masses every week in 120 U.S. dioceses.

NOTE: For an extra $3.00 per order, FLYER and/or PETITION FORM (Item 5 ) may be ordered with the name and address of the Bishop of the Diocese, so that Catholics will know where to write to request the Traditional Mass in Latin.


Ecclesia Dei, English translation (L’Osserrvatore Romano, July, 1988)

2b. Ecclesia Dei, Spanish translation (L’Osserrvatore Romano, July, 1988)    
3a. “The Mass, The Altar Boy, and Vocations.” — Fr. John Myler    
3b. “Empowered Laity Will Need More Priests” — Fr. John Myler    
4. “Altar Girls - Not a Trivial Matter” — Fr. Brian Harrison    
*5. PETITION FORM to Bishop requesting the old Mass in Latin every Sunday    
5a. 1991 Letter to Bishops: Guidelines for Ecclesia Dei Cardinal Mayer    
6. “Pope to Bishops: More Latin Masses” Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J.    
7. Why the Latin Mass Not “Just for Nostalgic”    
8. “Cardinal Ratzinger Celebrates Historic Mass at Fraternity of St. Peter”    


Fr Stephen Wirkes explains the old Mass.



“Why I Love the Traditional Mass” Dr. Alice von Hildebrand    
11. “Poll Shows Extensive Interest in Traditional Mass”    
12. “Renaissance for the Latin Mass” Patrick Buchanan    
*** Items 13 thru 26 are priced at: $1.00 each or 3 copies for $2.00, postpaid *** ***
13. “This Most Blessed of Sacraments” Father Thomas McGovern    
15. “Why I Returned to the Old Latin Mass” Gary Scarrabelotti    
16. “The Plight of Latin” Kieron Wood    
17. “Asking Your Bishop for the Old Latin Mass - Why and How” Mary Kraychy    
19. “A Short Catechism” Father Godfrey Carney
The Old Mass explained in 16 pages.
20. “The Vitality of the Roman Rite” Father John  Mole    
21. “The Sacredness of Tradition” Dr. Alice von Hildebrand    
23a. “The Church Militant” Fr. John Perricone    
23b. “The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail” Fr. John Perricone    
24. “The Holy Eucharist” Fr. James Buckley    
25. “Spirituality of the Ancient Liturgy” Father Ripperger    
26. “Why I Attend......”  F.X. Altiere IV    

Items A thru C are individually priced; all prices include shipping, handling

*** ***
A. Directory of U.S. & Canadian Masses - 14 pages    $2.00    
B. Rosary for Priests     100 for $15.00    
C. Prayers to the Sacred (12 page leaflet) 10 for $8.00, 50 for $35.00    
*** Items D thru G are $2.00 each, 10 for $18.00, Post Paid *** ***
D. “Why The Tridentine Mass” Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand (32 page booklet)    
E. 10th Anniversary Ecclesia Dei Booklet with Cardinal Mayer's Letters    
F. “Veterum sapientia” - (On the Promotion of the Study of Latin)
Blessed Pope John XXIII
G. Bumper Strip"I the old LATIN MASS"    

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