Episcopally Approved Traditional Latin Masses in the United States and Canada 

Did you know that there may be a weekly traditional Latin Mass of Sunday obligation offered near you with the support of your bishop?    Here is a partial list of dioceses by region.   To order our current directory of approved Tridentine Masses in the United States and Canada, visit our Educational Material - Group 2  page and locate item A.   If there is currently no Traditional Latin Mass being offered in your area, you may wish to send for our Suggestion  information which describes how you can petition your bishop for this Mass.

It is possible for changes to occur in both location and time. You should verify both the time and location of a Mass that you plan to attend if you have never attended Mass at this location before and you will be traveling some distance.  If you find that any of the information listed here is not correct, please let us know so that we can update it.

United States - Authorized in 120 Dioceses 
Region 1: New England
Maine Massachusetts  Rhode Island  Connecticut
Region 2: State of New York
Region 3: Middle Atlantic
New Jersey  Pennsylvania Delaware
Region 4: South Atlantic
Maryland Washington, DC  Virginia South Carolina Georgia
Region 5: East Central
Alabama Kentucky Tennessee Michigan Ohio
Region 6: Central
Indiana Illinois Wisconsin
Region 7: West Central
Minnesota Iowa Missouri North Dakota
South Dakota  Nebraska Kansas 
Region 8: South Central 
Arkansas Louisiana Oklahoma Texas
Region 9: South West & West
Arizona New Mexico Nevada Colorado Idaho
Region 10: State of California
Region 11: West Coast
Oregon Washington Hawaii Alaska Guam
Quebec Ontario Saskatchewan  Alberta British Columbia 

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